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Our Service

We are a one stop shop for any concerns you may have with your Audi, BMW, Mini, Mercedes or Volkswagen.

We only install premium quality parts, most often German made – by the same suppliers that VW/Audi uses, just to name a few: Continental (ContiTech timing belt kits), HEPU (Metal impeller water pumps),  Fuchs (Engine oil that conforms and exceeds all VW/Audi specs), Mann (Air and oil filters), Bosch (Mass Air flow meters and numerous engine sensors), etc. We offer a 2 year 40,000kkm warranty on the most of the repairs we perform,  whichever comes first. Conditions apply.

Also note that your vehicle is fully insured when left in our care and we are Inter-Provincial Licensed technicians.

We have four (5) rental vehicles available for your convenience.

Contact us today, we will gladly assist you keeping your vehicle on the road and in perfect shape!

Us hard at work:

Audi S4 Engine Repair @ Ottostadt MotorWerks - Time-lapse from Jonathan Maher on Vimeo.

Autologics Diagnostics

diagnostic and software tuning for gas powered BMW, Mercedes Porsche cars

Air conditioning

Repair and diagnosis – Same machine used by VW dealerships!

Immobilizer system

Delete and repair for 2006 and older VW & Audi cars only

3D Wheel alignment

Brand new Hofmann Geoliner 670XD machine!

Tire mounting and balancing

Check engine light / electrical issue diagnosis

Diagnosis for Audi BMW Mercedes Mini Sprinter and Volkswagen available.

Programming of convenience

Features (auto-unlock, remote programming, etc.)

Anti-lock brake system service and diagnosis

Tire storage

Fully insured and stored in our heated and alarm protected shop.

Brake service and replacement

Heating and cooling repairs

Timing belt replacement

Engine repairs and maintenance

Suspension work

Headlight polishing and restoration

Auto body repair (Sublet)

Windshield replacement (Sublet)

Interior and exterior detailing (Sublet)

Wheel Alignment

The average price of a newly mounted and balanced tire with a new valve stem is roughly $125 per tire. That’s $500 for the set of four. If your wheel alignment is out, you could lose that $500 in short order. That’s why you should, at the very least, check wheel alignment before venturing out on a new set of tires.

More About Wheel Alignment

ECU Tuning

We are proud to be both a Malone Tuning authorized dealer (diesel vehicles) and Eurodyne Canada dealer (gas vehicles) for the National Capital Region!

The tuning for Malone Tuning, Eurodyne and Burger MotorSports is done in-house, we do not subcontract/send your ECM out to another shop.

More About ECU Tuning

Oil and filter

Oil used is Fuchs 5w40 (505.00/505.01) Fully Synthetic Engine oil with Mann Oil filter (German made oil & filter) for 1999 to 2014 Audi, BMW, Mini and Mercedes gas powered cars

Fuchs 5w30 (507.00) Fully Synthetic Engine oil with Mann Oil filter (German made oil & filter) for 2009 and up Diesel powered cars.

More about Oil and Filters

Timing belt replacement

Does your 2.0L, 2.7/2.8L V6, 4.2L V8, 1.8T, 2.0T or TDI powered VW or Audi need a new timing belt?

The timing belt is a critical part of your engine, it’s job is to synchronize the engine block (when the pistons inhale, compress and exhale the air) with the cylinder head (where the valves open and close to let air in and out). If that belt was ever to break or get out of alignment it most often results in costly repairs – bent valves, damaged pistons, even in some occasions complete engine failure if the break occurs at high RPMs.

More about Timing belt replacement

1.8T/TDI ClutchOil and filter

1.8T and TDI engines from 1999.5 to 2006 Golf/Jettas we’re manufactured with a dual-mass flywheel – which means the flywheel (the part bolted on to your engine to transfer power from the engine to your transmission via the clutch) is made out of 2 main parts to prevent vibration to be transfer over to the vehicle’s occupants.

More about 1.8T/TDI ClutchOil and filter

Dynamic EGR & Idle

We have seen European industrial TDI engines with a fixed 1250 RPM idle and some of our clients are curious about elevated idle to possibly shorten the warm-up period. They however don’t want to consume more fuel with high idle on all the time, especially if the engine is already warmed up.

More about Dynamic EGR & Idle