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Valve cleaning using walnut shell blasting
December 28, 2015
OttoStadt MK4 BEW TDI
December 23, 2015

Phan contacted me a while back to make his 2011 Golf TDI faster, although stock the car from Volkswagen is far from a slouch,  it can always benefit from a bit more power, handling and looks.

Phan had already addressed the handling and looks part by adding Volkswagen lowering springs and a set of gold colored 18″ TSW wheels which makes the car look and handle great.

I was put in charge of the power aspect of this build. The requirements were simple; the car had to stay reliable, not be too noisy when driving on the highway on long trips (the car is a TDI afterall, it is meant for long drives)  but still be quick (to say the least) to overtake trucks and your mom’s Civic when she hogs the left lane at 100km/h…