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Phan 2011 Golf TDI CR – Intro
December 28, 2015

My very own project car, bought as a trade-in from the first owner when I used to be a dealership tech.  Unfortunately the previous owner had given up on this car and even though he had bought it new he had let it go… It had hit a deer on the front right, nothing major but required a new headlight and fender, the timing belt was due, the left side doors had been repaired by a shady bodyshop and plastered with cheap bondo, the valve cover was leaking, the mirrors were corroded and falling off and of course as any beat up TDI it didn’t have any of the underpan shields.

Initially bought as a daily driver I’ve slowly started to transform this car into a more pleasant, faster and fun car to drive than what it was in it’s original trim…
It’s been lowered on Koni Yellow adjustable shocks including Koni 1.5″ lowering springs,  Audi TT “fat five”  17″ alloys,  euro headlight switch and Malone Tuning custom programming. I’ll be posting up the repair and modifications I’ll be doing to it in the upcoming months.
And to start things off here’s the installation of an upgraded 1.8T Sidemount intercooler I’ve recently installed on my car…