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December 28, 2015
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December 28, 2015

The VW 6 speed O2M and newest O2Q manual transmissions are commonly known to have weak shift forks. The design of the shift fork is the reason for its’ failure.  A metal and brass piece are attached with a rivet which frequently breaks off or loosens and gives a unsecured shifter feel or prevents the gear from going in altogether.

The O2M 6 speed was installed on 2002-2008 GTI or GLI Golfs and Jettas, the O2Q is the newest version 6 speed installed on 2009 and up VWs.

Most shops would replace the transmission completely when this failure occurs. Alternatively, we take apart the transmission and strengthen the shift fork by drilling out the factory rivets, threading the metal portion of the shift fork to accept a grade 12.9 socket cap bolt, which is then torqued down and welded.

If the transmission is replaced the re-occurrence of this malfunction is likely and will require reinforcement eventually. Our solution prevents further failure and is a cost effective repair for our clients.