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1.8T/TDI Clutch

OttoStadt MotorWerks Car Service

OttoStadt MotorWerks Car Service

1.8T and TDI engines from 1999.5 to 2006 Golf/Jettas we’re manufactured with a dual-mass flywheel – which means the flywheel (the part bolted on to your engine to transfer power from the engine to your transmission via the clutch) is made out of 2 main parts to prevent vibration to be transfer over to the vehicle’s occupants.

While the concept was nice, the practical aspect of it meant that it was one more part that could fail on your car. The flywheel parts will either seize (and vibrate) or get excessively loose and cause a rattling noise at idle – over time if left as-is can cause transmission&engine damage when they fail and fly out of the flywheel breaking the transmission housing on their way out.

The solution to this is to replace the original VW dual-mass flywheel with a  single mass flywheel (one-piece). Taking away the potential for future noise/vibration and also making the clutch replacement repair way easier on your budget. (Just the dual mass flywheel at your local dealership will cost a 1000$ without labor or other needed parts!)

We are currently stocking complete clutch kits including all needed parts: Clutch discs/Pressure plate/Single-mass Flywheel/all required bolts (VW bolts are always replace). This complete kit is 550$ and we can install it for you for an additional 400$. The same kit fits both 1.8T and TDI vehicles from 1999.5 to 2006.

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